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Specialist Ethernet Software for Intel and Xilinx FPGAs. Maximise the performance of your FPGA with our established, secure, high speed data transfer IP cores featuring our patent- pending authentication software.

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Rely on Chevin Technology’s adaptable Ethernet IP for consistent, high speed data transfer in your FPGA design. Benefit from our expert Engineering Design Consulting and support services to achieve optimum results for your project.


10 & 25Gbit/s TCP Offload Engine for FPGAs


10G & 25G Ethernet UDP/IP Offload Engine for FPGAs


10& 25G MAC/PCS for FPGAs


Xilinx FPGAs & accelerated applications

The Specialist IP Core Provider

Chevin Technology delivers high performance, configurable Ethernet IP Cores for Intel and Xilinx FPGAs. Our goal is to provide reliable, hardware accelerator capabilities for high end FPGAs that are cost effective and straightforward to implement into client’s projects, using a minimum of FPGA resources. Our Ethernet IP cores are developed and comprehensively tested in-house, so we can offer valuable, expert knowledge and responsive engineering support to smooth the path for successful integration into client products.

Chevin Technology’s IP Cores achieve high throughput and sustained data rates to maximise link utilization. The compact, ‘all logic’ architecture requires no CPU/SW, therefore reducing complexity, latency and energy consumption, while leaving maximum space for further design logic on customer FPGAs. Chevin Technology’s Ethernet IP Cores also feature our patent-pending Authentication Server, which provides further design flexibility and cost efficiency, as clients have the option of adding extra features as required throughout the design cycle. Client projects include scientific research, international defence; medical research, industrial imaging, data storage.


Reliable Hardware Accelerator Ethernet IP for FPGAs

Latest Updates

3 March 2023

Patent Pending Licence Management System (LMS)

Providing an extra layer of software security for clients, Chevin Technology’s Licence Management System (LMS) enables clients to authenticate and authorize software features in IP functions. Chevin Technology’s LMS is vendor independent, and can protect IP from multiple sources, in one or more physical devices. There is a wide scope for implementation of the LMS, […]

2 March 2023

Chevin Technology Partners with Intel

Chevin Technology partners with Intel® Chevin Technology and Intel® announce partnership to deliver market leading Ethernet Software Solutions for FPGAs. This alliance provides customers with flexible, secure, future proof FPGA solutions. Cambridge, UK – March 2023 Chevin Technology has announced a Gold strategic partnership with Intel® to further extend their FPGA solution capabilities to current […]

7 December 2022

Alveo U250 Data Center Accelerator Card

Chevin now supports Xilinx Alveo U250 with TCP/IP Offload Engine. Talk to us about Heterogeneous Computing with accelerated function offload, using Alveo’s dual 100GbE QSFP ports and 64GiB DDR4 memory. Get in touch to discuss High Performance Computing, and applications that benefit from high throughput, low latency and low power capabilities of FPGA.