Chevin Technology Partners with Intel

Chevin Technology Partners with Intel

Chevin Technology partners with Intel®

Chevin Technology and Intel® announce partnership to deliver market leading Ethernet Software Solutions for FPGAs. This alliance provides customers with flexible, secure, future proof FPGA solutions.

Cambridge, UK – March 2023

Chevin Technology has announced a Gold strategic partnership with Intel® to further extend their FPGA solution capabilities to current and future customers. Through this partnership, Chevin Technology will continue to develop and implement market leading Ethernet Software solutions for Intel® FPGAs, to provide faster, more efficient & customizable data exchange. This alliance provides Chevin Technology with customized training in Intel® tools and products, and connects them with other innovation partners to provide end-to-end solutions within the physical and digital ecosystems, thereby enabling a frictionless user experience for its customers. Steinn Gustafsson, Director, comments that “Chevin Technology look forward to working with Intel clients and partners to provide market leading FPGA solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.”

Chevin Technology’s IP cores, including the TCP Offload Engine, are designed to take advantage of the powerful features that are available in  Intel® FPGAs.  Intel® Agilex devices come packed with hard macros such as Ethernet PHY, ARM Cortex-A53 and DDR4 memory controllers, in addition to large amounts of programmable logic and memory. Intel® Agilex devices support high-performance Ethernet applications such as Chevin Technology’s TCP Offload Engine. The TCP Offload Engine provides applications with the ability to communicate with remote nodes over TCP/IP directly, to and from FPGA application logic. This results in data copying and moving being kept to an absolute minimum, and  can therefore provide the highest performance with the lowest possible latency and power consumption. Chevin’s TCP/IP Offload Engine is very compact, consuming less than 5% of Agilex’s resources. The complexities of a protocol such as TCP is encapsulated and handled almost entirely by the TCP Offload Engine IP block, with very few variables that need to be set up, apart from IP address and selecting ports and server/client roles for connections. The IP core’s interfaces being AXI4 and Avalon means that designers can use EDA tools that recognize and make connections automatically from bus inference. Chevin also provides example software that helps to make the best use of IP features that reduce latency and power, such as dynamic ST/MM switching, and memory management techniques for zero-copy operations.

Chevin Technology’s patent pending Licence Management System (LMS), provides an extra layer of software security for clients by enabling them to authenticate and authorize software features in IP functions. The LMS provides a secure way to select and modify features contained within encrypted envelopes of RTL netlists from one or more vendors. Features can be selected or modified dynamically, at power-up or during run-time. The LMS works with a client and server that can be located on an FPGA,  on a CPU with secure/protected software, or cloud-hosted with an  internet connection. Using the FPGA itself as the hardware lock, the LMS eliminates the need for any additional external hardware device. Chevin Technology’s LMS is vendor independent, and can protect IP from multiple sources, in one or more physical devices. There is a wide scope for implementation of the LMS, as it is not restricted to FPGA IP,  and can be used with any software, including customer’s proprietary software, or 3rd party IP.

Chevin Technology is an Ethernet Software vendor and electronic engineering Design Consultancy founded in 2003.  At Chevin Technology, we appreciate that each customer’s project requirements are unique, and offer configurable software that can be adapted to fulfil customer requirements. Our Ethernet Software is designed and comprehensively tested in-house to provide high performance, reliable data transfer capabilities for high end FPGAs, featuring our patent-pending LMS. As well as specializing in providing reliable, high performance, Ethernet IP for Intel and  Xilinx FPGAs, Chevin Technology’s other key areas of expertise include: FPGA Programming; Embedded software; Digital communications; Imaging Systems & Displays; System Integration, Hardware and Software; Test Development; Signal Processing.