ChevinID – Silicon Security Solution

ChevinID – Silicon Security Solution


Chevin Technology’s ChevinID is a Silicon Security Solution that offers an additional layer of protection against malicious and accidental changes to Silicon supply chains, using a patented method to authenticate and authorize Hardware and Software functions on Silicon devices. ChevinID establishes a secure root of trust while allowing the selection, control and modification of features contained within encrypted envelopes of RTL netlists. ChevinID can be inserted into Silicon such as FPGA, ASIC, and SiP design with Chiplets.

Features can be securely selected or modified dynamically, at power-up or during run-time. The ChevinID solution is vendor agnostic, so adds security when using products from multiple vendors in FPGAs, ASICs or Chiplets. ChevinID works with a server that can be located on an FPGA, on a CPU with secure/protected software, or cloud hosted, with an internet connection.

Key Features

  • Authenticate and Authorize Hardware or Software Functions
  • Patented method prevents malicious or unintended changes
  • Additional Layer of Protection for Silicon: FPGAs, ASICs, Chiplets
  • Vendor independent software configuration management
  • Securely select or modify features
  • Flexible use rights management
  • Single or multiple Client/Server
  • Seamless integration with AXI4_MM Connectivity


  • Secure Root of Trust
  • Protect against cyber hacks, copying, cloning, trojans
  • Flexible management and Upgrade path for features
  • Reduced complexity with software keys
  • Control features to differentiate products, maximise revenue stream

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