Ethernet IP

Dependable, high performance Ethernet IP cores for high end FPGAs

The Specialist IP Core Provider

Chevin Technology delivers high performance, configurable Ethernet IP Cores for Xilinx FPGAs. Our goal is to provide reliable, hardware accelerator capabilities for high end FPGAs that are cost effective and straightforward to implement into client’s projects, using a minimum of FPGA resources. Our Ethernet IP cores are developed and comprehensively tested in-house, so we can offer valuable, expert knowledge and responsive engineering support to smooth the path for successful integration into client products

Chevin Technology Ethernet IP Core Advantages:

  • Fast – Highest Throughput, continuous/sustained high data rates, maximize link utilization
  • Compact – Fit many cores on one chip, leaving space for other logic, lowering cost
  • Efficient – “All-logic” architecture requires no extra CPU/SW, lowering complexity, reduced latency
  • Low Power – great power savings compared to CPU + multiple NIC, less heat, lower cost
  • Technology agnostic, runs on all Xilinx and Intel/Altera families and ASIC
  • Flexible Licensing – lower cost through improved utilization, per instance or per hour use


10& 25G MAC/PCS for FPGAs


10G & 25G Ethernet UDP/IP Offload Engine for FPGAs


10 & 25Gbit/s TCP Offload Engine for FPGAs