TCP/IP Offload Engine

Fast, reliable connectivity in any FPGA using a minimum of FPGA resources

Key features and benefits

  • 1 to 256 Simultaneous connections
  • Server/Client roles, configurable per connection
  • Automatically establish & tear-down connections
  • All-RTL send/receive for extremely low latency
  • Low-jitter and high sustained throughput performance
  • ARP/ICMP layers for complete FPGA hosted application with ARP and ICMP “ping”
  • Programmable per connection receive/congestion window
  • Monitoring function, per-session statistics
  • 64-bit AXI4 Send & Receive streams @ 156.25 MHz
  • Internal Block RAM or External DDR3 buffers
  • Configurable TX & RX buffer size: 4KiB-2GiB

Lower Layer IP Blocks

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TCP Offload Engine