UDP/IP Offload Engine

Fast, customizable data transfer supported by expert engineering and design services to optimize the performance of your product.

Key features and benefits

  • AXI4s MAC & Application Interfaces
  • De-fragmentation option available
  • Designed to UDP specification RFC768
  • Compose/Decompose complete UDP Datagrams
  • IP frame Checksum Generator/Checker
  • Jumbo frame support up to 32k
  • Configurable operation port filtering
  • 1-64k Ports (configurable ports & filters)
  • Detailed traffic analysis statistics collection
  • ARP/ICMP layers for complete FPGA hosted application with ARP and ICMP “ping”
  • Integrated Streaming FIFO – 4 Block RAMs
  • Flow Control between MAC/User logic
  • Consistently low and predictable latency with zero frame jitter

Lower Layer IP Blocks

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UDP Offload Engine