Patent Pending

Patent Pending

Chevin Technology Limited has a patent pending for a novel method used to securely manage IP product licences within the Chevin Technology Licence Management System (CTLMS). The innovative technology greatly improves flexibility and security when using Chevin Technology’s IP products for FPGAs. The patent pending method can also be licensed and used with other applications where there is a need to manage and protect IP assets.

The CTLMS runs on hardware and can be configured to protect any number of IP blocks in FPGA or ASIC. A secure and programmable part of the licence management system runs on the physical silicon and occupies only a small footprint. The logic allows the licence to be setup by a licence client and modified, even during run-time.

This offers benefits to both licensor and licensee, because a more fine-grain control over licence usage means there are more options available.

Licence models can be based on time-limited subscriptions, feature-control for evaluations, and evaluation licences that can easily migrate to standard subscription or perpetual licenses to name a few examples.

Chevin Technology is offering the CTLMS for use with all its IP products, and can be used in conjunction with other vendor‘s tools such as Xilinx License Manager.

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